4 Collections Minted out on FREE Mint Friday on X Space with the Tang Gang

The Pleb Deck

The Pleb Deck is one of 4 Genesis #NFT collections being launched by The Art of Pleb. We created this collection to honour and thank the PoorPleb and TangGang comm-unity.

The full deck has 64 suits each with 4 NFT’s. This mint is Pt-1 and includes 40 suits totalling 160 NFTs. After the whitelist, 123 NFTs are available to mint on Friday. Pt-2 to be launched soon.

The Game:
Each suit includes an Avatar and 3 Aspectors called Inkers, Shaders and Sketchers. Be first to collect 3 of one suit to win the mysterious 5th element.

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The Existential Range

The Existential Range’ is a group of cartoons focussed on Plebs who view their world through the lens of pointlessness. Each collection is reminiscent of a limited edition poster prints and is based on 1 original cartoon with a run of 36 #NFTs. They are stand alone collections with attributed rarities inside each collection.


Deep in space, where nobody dares to go, sometimes you can find all sorts of junk. During his adventures Pleb came across this giant monolithic timepiece and named it ‘The Bolex’

Each one of these 36, one off, limited edition prints contains variable elements and rare artyfacts, some of which may have value and some of which may not.
Ultimately they are all pointless, but sometimes pointlessness means prizes. Competition is fierce and FOMO is real. Can you grab one of these as part of FREE Mint Friday? Bonne chance.

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Pleb sits on an orange, wearing orange robes, meditating in space…and all the time wondering if orange is a colour or a fruit or no thing at all. He comes to the conclusion that it is all NOrange.

This limited edition, 36 print mint off contains rarities and variables to make each one uniquely different. Many of them contain different words….phrases which the Pleb made up in his wonderings. Some NFT’s may mean prizes in the future, and they may not. The future is bright, the future is NOrange. Ride the fomo, cope hard and try to mint your on FREE Mint Friday…

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Failure has an aroma. This aroma has been recreated and bottled as a part of an overpriced mens toiletry range. Mixed with Pleb tears and featuring it’s very own flush mechanism spray dispenser, why not give someone you love the gift of Rektness this Christmas.

Yawn…this limited edition print run of 36 prints contains a bunch of rarities and variables which may or may not make it valuable in the future. Why not FOMO in this friday and try to bag your own…

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