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#theartofpleb Digitible Collectibles…

1 out of 64

Pleb Deck!! Poop deck more like. This collection is even more pointless than the other one, which is so pointless I can’t recall it’s name.

Elon Mustard – Disatisfied NFT Collector

1 out of 64

I spent nearly 4 minutes setting up my wallet and all I got was a FREE NFT. If I had spent any money I would want it back.

Mr. Dick Heart – Billionaire Crypto Magnate

1 out of 64

Crappy hand drawn lines, rudimentary colour. It looks like it has been drawn by a child. No artificial intelligence used at all in the making of this Shart. Thank God I was able to swap it for something else on Beat Box.

Andy Weirhole – Art Curator

1 out of 64

The Art of Pleb lives up to it’s name, yet again with another pointless NFT collection. I paid 1 Pepe for this, the joke is obviously on me.

Do-nald Tramp – NFT Giant

1 out of 123

Jpegs are meaningless, so are films, crypto and life on earth. This series stand out as a shining example of such things.

Punk Floyd – Crypto Optimist

1 out of 64

Too complicated. I don’t understand any of it.

A. Ein-Stein – Genie Arse

1 out of 64

Please Sir, can I have a refund…

Oliver Twit – Aggressive man child

1 out of 64

I coped hard trying to get hold of one of these and failed miserably. I bought one on the open market for $6 and now all I’ve got is a high resolution image I don’t know what to do with. Ridiculous.

Mr. A. Nal – Rekt buyer

1 out of 64

Could do better. He obviously spends most of his day looking out the window or with his head up his own arse.

Miss Dixie – Primary School Teacher

1 out of 64

I can get my money back by selling this trash on the open market, but I’ll never get the 3 minutes I spent minting it on FREE Mint friday when I could have been down the pub enjoying myself.

Oliver Reeeeed – Actor


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